Leonard Nimoy, possibly from Mission Impossible.

Maybe Thomas and Ruth Roy were on to something with their Wellness Permission League (for more info about the Roys go here). In the 1990s they decided to create their own humorous holidays. For one of those wacky holidays, “Make Your Own Holiday Day,” the Roys designated March 26 as a day to celebrate whatever you wanted. Love cans? How about “I Love My Cans Day.” Obsessed with starships and outer space travel? How about “Intergalactic Starships Day.”

Speaking of starships, today is also Leonard Nimoy’s birthday. The good gentleman is well-known for playing Mr. Spock on that most glorious of starships, the Enterprise, on Star Trek. He also has starred in the 1970s series Mission Impossible playing Paris, a master of disguise, and played Golda Meir’s husband Morris Myerson in A Woman Called Golda. Mr. Nimoy has released poetry, albums, and photography books throughout the years. Additionally, he is also a serious philanthropist, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the arts and other noteworthy causes.

So I’m going to kill two birds with one stone here. My holiday will be “Leonard Nimoy Day.” To celebrate:

See Mr. Nimoy on a later version of  What’s My Line?

Take a look at him as Paris on Mission Impossible  going undercover as a policeman in Mexico?

Look at a couple of interviews like this one (part one and part two) from the 1970s.

Or take a gander at him as the president of TV here.

Happy…Day, however you decide to celebrate.

~ by dilithia on March 26, 2012.

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